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Colored Shimmer

A colored shimmer gives an all over color to your piece. Colored shimmers can be added to any piece. Every color available, if you're wanting a birthstone color simple say "Aquamarine colored shimmer". If you're wanting a specific color please take a look at all of are shimmer labels and simply make a note to me in your order with which you like (i.e. D2 with my breastmilk). Great for tinting breastmilk or using as a background for cremation ash.

Opal fleck and Colored Fleck

Great addition to any piece. Opal fleck puts off shades of pinks, light blues, and greens as the light hits it. Colored flecks are available in any color and compliment any piece well. Metal flecks are also available in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. Rose Gold Opal fleck is also available now as well! An all over Rose Gold Opal Fleck tints breastmilk a pinkish color, if you do not want the all over pink look, simply make a note to me "rose gold opal fleck hand placed" or if you do want the pink tint simply put "all over rose gold opal fleck".



Diamond Dust

Diamond dust is a great addition to add a subtle sparkle to breast milk or white background.

If you are interested in adding any color shimmers or flecks to your order at no additional charge, simply make a note at checkout.

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