Mama's Milk Makin'- Leaky Lemonade Mix

Mama's Milk Makin'- Leaky Lemonade Mix

Comes packaged in individual packets, great for on the go! Just empty contents of packet in 14 oz of water, shake, and enjoy! Wonderful for moms wanting to keep their supply up when they have to go back to work. Available in one week supply of 7 single serve packets or save money and buy the 2 week supply of 14 single serve packets! Our Leaky Lemonade is available in three yummy flavors! Traditional Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade Blue Raspberry Lemonade Order just one flavor or order a random mix of all three flavors!

Lactating mothers with low blood glucose level must avoid the intake of goat’s rue. This plant is a strong hypoglycemic agent. Intake of this plant may further reduce the blood glucose level, which can affect the mother’s health

All Mama's Milk Makin' Treats are 100% Fenugreek Free
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