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How It All Began

     My name is Sierra Perea and I am the owner and creator of Mama Bear Milk- Keepsake Jewelry! I started this business when I simply wanted to get my very best friend a gift for doing so well breastfeeding. When I started researching, I found breastmilk jewelry and saw how expensive it was for the simplest ring made with her breastmilk. I'm the type of person who jumps on spontaneity the moment it hits me and I instantly thought "I'll just make her one myself!" I was also breastfeeding at the time which was perfect because I basically became my own little lab rat and would try different preservation methods with my own milk to keep it from ever molding or turning colors. After many trial and error, I finally found the perfect mixture of chemicals that I needed to successfully preserve the milk. Soon after finding out how to make jewelry from breastmilk, I realized I could make jewelry out of any Keepsake! I made a promise to myself in those first few months that my jewelry would be affordable for anyone and no one would have to turn away and say "It was too expensive".


"If it means something to you, then it means something to me!"

- Sierra Perea

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