What is The Hannah Program?

The Hannah Program is for those who simply want a keepsake piece but cannot afford it. Maybe they’re a grieving parent or family member who just spent thousands on a funeral and may not have the extra money to purchase themselves something. Maybe they’re a mother who has spent the past two years exclusively breastfeeding and would like to reward herself but maybe it’s not in the budget at the moment. This program is for anyone, through all walks of life, who needs help purchasing a piece.

Background about The Hannah Program:

The Hannah Program is named after my little sister who passed as a baby many years ago. This program is dedicated to her. As much as I wish I could make all my pieces for free, because I know how much each piece means to its owner, it’s just not realistic. So I thought of The Hannah Program, where anyone could submit their story and all of us as a community can pitch in and help as many people as possible.

How to enter a submission:

Simply email thehannahprogram@mamabearmilk.com and tell a little about yourself and why you’re wanting a piece of jewelry and what piece/s you’d like to have. Feel free to add pictures if you want. All submissions that are posted on my website will be anonymous postings so your name and contact info will not be listed, only your story.

How you can help:

After some submissions are sent in I will then add them to a page on my website. Each submission will have the option for you to pay any amount towards the cost of their keepsake jewelry choice. Once their listing is completely paid I will then get back in touch with them and have them send in their keepsakes for their piece to be made



I am a widow of almost 4yrs.  My hubby died suddenly almost 4 yrs ago of heart disease. He was the provider for our family. I was blessed to stay at home and raise our 5 kids of a blended family.  3 weeks after he passed I took our youngest to college.  I live now off of his social security which is enough to pay my bills.  I clean houses to help also. To have a ring with his ashes in it, wearing it always would mean so much. I dont have any extra funds to get things for me. After 30 yrs of marriage not wearing a wedding ring is strange. This would mean so much. Thank you for this opportunity. 



Good afternoon,


I am writing on the behalf of my wife, a strong, courageous, loving, and gentle human being. We have 9 children together and she sacrifices so much. Because we have such a large family our desires and wants always are put aside take sure our children are taken care of. My wife is currently breastfeeding our 9 child, his name is Joy (10 months old). Jevette takes honor in nurturing our son and it is a privilege to see her serve him and our children by the way of sacrifice of love, sleep and time. Continue Reading....




Hello. I would like love to enter in the program for a halo necklace with breast milk, a piece of my dogs hair and opal flakes. I’m 25 with 4 kids 5 and under. I’ve struggled to breast feed me first two kids. Thankfully I was able to breastfeed my third and now fourth. This is my last baby and I have been struggling with postpartum depression  and Postpartum anxiety so I would love to keep a piece to remind me of everything I went through and where I am today. Also adding in a piece of hair from my family dog. He was the best ever and we recently lost him within the year. I really appreciate just the chance for this so thank you! 



My name is Kathryn. I have two beautiful girls. I had my first daughter in a toxic relationship at the age of 20 and tried to breastfeed but was pressured to quit and switch to formula at 2 months. When I found the true love of my life we decided to have a baby together and she is now 32 months. I say 32 months because when people ask how long I have been breastfeeding I say exactly that. When she was born I wrote in a prayer journal “God please give me the power to nurse my baby girl for as long as she wishes.” And here we are 32 and still going! Continue Reading....




My son Alex was born March 2019 and was admitted to the hospital at a few days old with high bilirubin. After undergoing many tests he was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a liver disease where the bile ducts aren’t formed correctly. He had surgery at 6 weeks old to attempt to bypass the problem, but it unfortunately was not successful. His condition declined and he eventually needed a feeding tube. He got a liver transplant in May 2020 and after 7 surgeries, almost a month on a ventilator, and 10 days with an open abdomen he was able to come home. The past year has not been without challenges though and he continues to be in and out of the hospital with different complications. 


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