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What is The Hannah Program?

The Hannah Program is for those who simply want a keepsake piece but cannot afford it. Maybe they’re a grieving parent or family member who just spent thousands on a funeral and may not have the extra money to purchase themselves something. Maybe they’re a mother who has spent the past two years exclusively breastfeeding and would like to reward herself but maybe it’s not in the budget at the moment. This program is for anyone, through all walks of life, who needs help purchasing a piece.

Background about The Hannah Program:

The Hannah Program is named after my little sister who passed as a baby many years ago. This program is dedicated to her. As much as I wish I could make all my pieces for free, because I know how much each piece means to its owner, it’s just not realistic. For that reason, I thought of The Hannah Program, where anyone could submit their story and all of us as a community can pitch in and help as many people as possible.

How to enter a submission:

Simply email and tell a little about yourself and why you’re wanting a piece of jewelry. 

Vouchers will be emailed out in the order submissions were received.

How you can help:

We currently have hundreds of submissions for The Hannah Program. My goal is to give each submission a $150 voucher to order something for themselves. Your donations help supply those vouchers to those in need. 

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