My name is Kathryn. I have two beautiful girls. I had my first daughter in a toxic relationship at the age of 20 and tried to breastfeed but was pressured to quit and switch to formula at 2 months. When I found the true love of my life we decided to have a baby together and she is now 32 months. I say 32 months because when people ask how long I have been breastfeeding I say exactly that. When she was born I wrote in a prayer journal “God please give me the power to nurse my baby girl for as long as she wishes.” And here we are 32 and still going! 


I ask to be a part of the Hannah program because I would love a ring to celebrate my journey. I would include her and my daughters hair. Even though I didn’t get to nurse her for longer than 2 months I still tried! I would even love their birthstone colors in glitter flecks if able. 


I am a stay at home mom living on one budget with my girls but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Thank you everyone for this amazing chance to finally get my milk ring to remind me of the hard work and dedication it has been to breastfeed my babies. I truly appreciate you all. Thank you again.