Good afternoon,


I am writing on the behalf of my wife, a strong, courageous, loving, and gentle human being. We have 9 children together and she sacrifices so much. Because we have such a large family our desires and wants always are put aside take sure our children are taken care of. My wife is currently breastfeeding our 9 child, his name is Joy (10 months old). Jevette takes honor in nurturing our son and it is a privilege to see her serve him and our children by the way of sacrifice of love, sleep and time. 


She mentions Mamma Bear Milk Jewelry ALL the time! She's a big fan of what you all do and why you do it. It would be such a Joy for my wife to be able to receive a blessing from Mamma Bear Milk Jewelry.  She loves the rings, and since this is our last child due to health complications what a way to carry her memory of breastfeeding by wearing it on her finger for life. 


Thank you for your service and taking the time to read my statement.