My son Alex was born March 2019 and was admitted to the hospital at a few days old with high bilirubin. After undergoing many tests he was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a liver disease where the bile ducts aren’t formed correctly. He had surgery at 6 weeks old to attempt to bypass the problem, but it unfortunately was not successful. His condition declined and he eventually needed a feeding tube. He got a liver transplant in May 2020 and after 7 surgeries, almost a month on a ventilator, and 10 days with an open abdomen he was able to come home. The past year has not been without challenges though and he continues to be in and out of the hospital with different complications. 


I exclusively breastfed my oldest son for 15 months and planned to do the same with Alex. He had poor feeding skills so he nursed literally 24/7 until a few weeks post surgery when he was around 10 weeks old and we needed to start supplementing due to failure to thrive. I pumped, supplemented, and breastfed all day long, but because of his poor eating skills a bottle would take close to 45 mins to finish. Eventually I had to make the hard decision to switch to formula for nutrition- and he later needed a feeding tube. However, he continued to breastfeed for comfort through the day and all night long for 9 months until he self weaned. 


I would love to be considered for your program- breastfeeding has always been close to my heart and I always planned to buy jewelry, but the constant hospital stays have drained our savings. I would love to have a reminder of the dedication and love I was able to give my boy when he was so sick.